In 2016, more people moved to the Lone Star State than anywhere else in the country. According to the most recent census, more than 400,000 new people made Texas their home between July 2105 and July 2016. This bodes well for both commercial and residential developers. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to understand why Texas has become so attractive to newcomers.

Huge GDP

If Texas was its own country, it would rank 12 for GDP. As a state, it has the second largest GDP in the United States. This means job opportunities…and not just minimum wage jobs. Well-paying jobs that attract up and coming professionals.

Speaking of Jobs

Many people think of Texas as oil country. That’s certainly been the case throughout history, but Texas has a lot more to offer than oil jobs. Wind power generates more jobs than the oil industry. In addition, tech, business services, and manufacturing are huge employers in Texas.

Cost of Living

Many places with well-paying jobs also have a higher cost of living. Not so for Texas. The land is cheaper, taxes are lower and the overall cost of living is far more affordable than other areas of the country. In fact, Texas residents pay no personal income tax of any kind.

Fewer Regulations

Businesses like to operate in states that are friendly to their mission and their profit margin. California’s taxes and regulations can be crushing. Texas offers a more business-friendly environment, which continues to bring jobs and new people to the state.

The opportunities abound in the Lone Star State. Manageable regulations and a friendly environment are just some of the reasons people know you don’t mess with Texas – you move there!

To all the new Texas residents, welcome! We look forward to serving your commercial contracting needs.