EMAX will build you an amazing self-storage facility, but running it and dealing with day-to-day operations is up to you. One of the biggest factors in determining the success of your facility is company culture. The right culture encourages creativity and promotes success for your business and employees. Creating such a culture is an on-going process that includes a few key elements.

Be a Leader Not a Dictator

Being a dictator is exhausting for you and confining for your employees. Instead, give them ownership over their areas of responsibility and encourage communication between everyone. The fact is, a group of people with a common goal are smarter than one person trying to juggle everything – and it’s more efficient too!

Company Values

Think about what you want your company to look like to potential renters. You need to appear the same internally. To do this, consider how you’re facilitating communication, what your mission is, and what your company looks like as a corporate citizen. Don’t be afraid to implement new ideas based on suggestions for customers or employees.

Own It

Once you have your values and communication figured out, put an internal brand to it. Something catchy that’s easy to remember while conveying your overall company culture in an easy to remember and clever way. This helps your employees understand it as well as get their buy-in and participation.

Grow Leaders

Consider that all of your employees have the potential to be a leader. Investing in them, growing their leadership abilities, is good for them, but it’s good for you too. They’re likely to be more loyal and hard-working when you invest in them and take the time to understand their goals and desires.

Even if your EMAX self-storage facility is still in the development or building phase, it’s never too soon to start thinking about company culture.