Having a fully operational security system is vital to the self-storage business. In addition to protecting your property and investment, you’re also safeguarding the possessions of your renters. Once you’ve had a professional install the right security system for your storage facility, it’s up to you to maintain it properly. 


The hardware aspects of your security system may include gates, keypad, alarms, and cameras. Many of the tasks necessary to maintain these items require no technical skills. Just be sure not to do anything that voids your warranty. 

Check Housing 

Keypad and camera housing can become damaged by dirt and water. Check them on a monthly basis for signs of damage that would allow water or dirt to penetrate. If any is found, contact your installer to address the issue. 

Check for Pests 

Spiders and wasps think outdoor security equipment is a great place to call home. Webs and nests can create moisture buildup and damage circuit boards. Around cameras, they can also obstruct the view. In spring and summer, check weekly for signs of pests. 

Debris and Landscaping 

If you’re in a wooded area or include shrubs or trees in your landscaping efforts, check around gate housings, cameras, and keypads for buildup of pine cones, pine needles, and leaves. They can block the field of view as well as create damaging moisture buildup. 

Clean Camera Lenses 

Both indoor and outdoor cameras can get dusty. To ensure a consistently clear view, clean your camera lenses on a weekly basis. 

Clean Keypads 

Overtime, the keypad buttons can become stuck due to buildup of skin oils and dirt. Periodic cleaning helps keep the buttons moving freely. 

Check Cables and Batteries 

Check for signs of corrosion and damage that may cause system failure.  

Software Maintenance 

Software maintenance is less physically involved but is still necessary to ensure proper working order of your security system. 

Access Codes 

This is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of security system maintenance. Who has knowledge of your access codes? Vendors? Employees? Tenants? Most of the people who do change on a somewhat regular basis. When an employee leaves, immediately expire their access codes. When a renter moves on, ensure they no longer have a working access code as soon as all their belongings have been removed. With vendors, regularly change the access codes you provide to them. Their employees may change and updating the code protects your facility. 

Software Updates 

Typically, the manufacturer will push security updates to secure additional features and functionality without a major overhaul.  

Properly maintaining your self-storage facility with these tips helps protect your property and that items your renters have trusted you with. As part of our design and upgrade recommendations, EMAX will work with security system installers to ensure your facility is secure.