Lighting is an important factor in creating a secure self-storage property. In general, your renters will feel safer being able to see where they’re going both in your parking area and inside the storage facility and their personal storage unit. In addition, good lighting makes your other security features, like video, that much more reliable. Good lighting combined with a security camera show you a lot more than a security camera and shadows. When designing your self-storage property, be sure to think about both interior and exterior lighting for best results.

Interior Lighting

While you want to have a well-lit interior that leaves no shadowy areas, you also want to save on costs. Motion sensor lighting, correctly installed, is a great way to do this. No one needs to struggle for a light switch in the dark and your renters can feel safe knowing their path with always be lit. And you don’t have to light an empty building.

The challenge with this, of course, is setting it up correctly so that lights come and turn off without ever leaving anyone in the dark. Placement of sensors is key. Working with an experienced lighting provider helps alleviate these concerns and ensures your renters always feel safe and secure.

Exterior Lighting

From the moment renters drive up, they’re subconsciously assessing how safe they feel. According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, 10% of property crimes are committed in parking areas, so exterior lighting is critical to your renters’ sense of safety. When done correctly, parking lot lighting provides an even light that enhances visibility, without any shadows or blind spots. It can also help cameras captures faces. Too much lighting, however, actually creates shadows and can make an approaching person appear in silhouette, which is scary for your renters.

In addition to crime prevention and personal safety, your renters also need a clear, well-lit path to walk around. Lights that are too bright can cause momentary blindness. They may not see curbs, ledges, or other tripping hazards. Nice, even lighting gives your renters the ability to get where they need to safely.

Typically, pole lights work best for exterior lighting and new technology, such as LED bulbs help distribute the light more evenly.

EMAX works with trusted lighting contractors to help you design and build a self-storage facility with lighting that keeps your renters safe and gives them peace of mind.