Traditionally, self-storage has been thought of as a large, empty space where renters can securely store furniture and boxed items. In recent years, however, self-storage has taken on a more luxurious tone. While those traditional storage units still exist and will always be needed, increasing numbers of self-storage renters are seeking to store high-value items and create a hangout space around them.

Collectible Cars

Car collections have always been popular with the elite. Until recently, these vehicles needed to be stored on the owners’ property, making it difficult for urban dwellers to collect cars and enjoy them without a long trip.

A large, climate controlled, customizable storage unit is ideal for car collections. With add-ons such as kitchen, bathroom, and recreational areas, the self-storage units for cars can become family hangout areas. Dad can tinker with his cars while the kids play and mom relaxes.

Fine Clothing

Fancy dresses and other fine clothing items aren’t usually worn often enough to be kept at home, but they require special storage and handling. In a growing self-storage trend, units are being built specifically to store fine clothing.

These units go beyond climate control. They’re often staffed with people familiar with luxury clothing materials and how to properly handle them. They’ve often got more monitoring devices to include things like moisture in addition to temperature.


For art collectors, owning an original work of art isn’t enough. Their collection needs to be seen. Increasingly, self-storage units are becoming a private collector’s museum, of sorts. Art collectors will rent a self-storage unit that’s got proper climate control and security in order to customize it and show off their art collection.

By adding furniture, rugs, bathroom and wet bar facilities, these storage units become mush more than storage space. They’re transformed into a happening party spot for the elite.

Wine Storage

Forget the wine cellar in the basement! True wine connoisseurs want climate-controlled, light-controlled storage for their bottles. And they’re going to want it to look good! Wine connoisseurs love sharing their wine collection with others and having tasting events. At a minimum, they’ll want a comfortable, luxurious space in their storage unit where they can hold these events.

We’re pleased to be a part of the booming self-storage industry. Don’t let your newly built self-storage facility become a thing of the past. Instead, make it stand out with some of these unique options.