As you begin to plan your next self-storage building project, you may find resistance from the neighborhood you’re hoping to build in. Zoning laws and other concerns often crop up as challenges to your project. One way to overcome these objections is by making your facility a good neighbor though mixing retail, commercial and residential uses.


Think about the area you want to build in. A bustling urban area may require active, human-occupied space. Consider making the bottom floor of your storage facility a retail or restaurant space. You can rent it out and add to your income. A more suburban environment may require a building that’s 100% self-storage be built in an area zoned for industrial use. But you can get your self-storage facility a better location by mixing it with office space or other commercial needs. Give it an architecturally appropriate façade and you might find the zoning board is open to your plans. A more rural area may be particularly concerned with the exterior appearance. Get creative. Work with an architect to make a self-storage facility that fits in with other buildings in the area.


In a mixed-use building, each section has its own requirements for climate control, lighting, plumbing, etc. On the exterior, appropriate parking and loading zones are needed for each intended building use. You may need to add more windows or other features to meet architectural requirements. Depending on the location, you may also need to account for sidewalks and other landscaping needs.

Whatever the challenge is with creating a storage facility that’s a good neighbor, EMAX is able to help you find a way through it! From planning to development and construction, we’re Baytown’s number one storage facility contractor. We work with a team of professionals who can help bring your mixed-use project into compliance. Contact us today to talk about your self-storage or mixed-use building project.