Once EMAX has built an amazing self-storage facility for you, your job switches to finding renters and keeping them happy so they’ll recommend you to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool so continuing to impress and delight your tenants is critical. While safety, lighting, and amenities are of critical importance, there are some unusual and fun ways to impress your renters, too.

Storage Tips

Your renters view you as the storage expert. Most of your tenants, even the long-term ones, don’t know the best practices for storing their items. Don’t assume that just because they’re not asking you questions they don’t have any. The truth is the probably have many but aren’t willing to ask. Instead, anticipate their needs and provide the answers through easily accessed means such as wall posters, social media posts, and newsletters.

Office Treats

Adults love office treats as much as kids in school love it when someone brings birthday or holiday goodies for everyone. Freshly baked treats from mom’s oven aren’t necessary – and would be a huge commitment. Instead, you can offer morning coffee or once weekly donuts, muffins, or pizza. This does more than make you memorable and feed your renters. It also gives you a few moments to chat with them to share updates or learn what their needs are.

Rewards Programs

You’re likely familiar with this concept for hotels and airlines. A similar idea applies to the self-storage industry, too. It’s a month-to-month industry, which is great for those in the midst of life changes, but it doesn’t exclude long-term renters. When a renter renews their lease, it’s the perfect time to offer them a reward such as an upgrade or free month. Everyone loves free stuff and it will surely increase your popularity with renters.

Thank You Cards

Remember when checking the mail used to be fun? Before the days of email and social media, checking the mail could mean a letter from a friend or a card or postcard from a distant relative. Today, mailboxes usually junk or bills. Little excitement there. Perk up your renters’ mailboxes with a personalized thank you card. Be different and send it outside the Christmas season.

With a few simple, yet fun, additions your renters are more likely to stick around and suggest your facility to friends. And don’t forget when you’re ready to update your facility, give EMAX a call.