Self-storage units are popping up all over the Baytown area. It seems like they’re growing like weeds, but there’s actually a process involved to ensure self-storage units are built to last. Each one has different needs and different amenities built into it, but the basic process remains the same, which is why they’re built so quickly.

Site Selection

site preparation for building a storage facilityAs they say: “location, location, location.” It truly does all start here. Choosing the best site location for a self-storage facility means taking many factors into account. One of the most important is accessibility. Most people renting a storage unit will be driving a moving vehicle of some kind. Also, self-storage facilities that are located on or near main roads are easier to access and are an added convenience for those that stop into their storage unit frequently.

Site Preparation

Once the appropriate site has been selected, it needs to be prepared. This involves grading and cleaning up debris and laying slabs similar to the one seen here at our 1616 Nacogdoches project. EMAX General Contractors takes care of the entire process. We even bring in dumpsters for debris removal. And take care of the heavy equipment that will be needed during the construction phase.

Building Construction

Once the site has been prepared, it’s time to start erecting the building. It’s important to create a strong and sturdy structure that will keep the contents of the storage units safe against any type of weather. Rebar is placed to support the heavy concrete and keep the building stable once the concrete sets. Walls begin with a frame out and have metal or other siding added after. Depending on the intended use, there may be units of different dimensions and an office area included in the frame out.


Some storage facilities have a dirt drive but in this particular project, there is a paved driveway and parking area. This adds higher appeal to the customers that will be using the storage facility. To keep the driveway and parking area from cracking, it must be laid correctly on a well-graded surface. Rebar or other materials may be used to reinforce it. Parking spaces can be painted once the surface is dry.

pavement at storage facility

After all the construction work is done, it’s time to clean up the site, do some landscaping and open the self-storage unit for business.