Finding the perfect lot for building your self-storage facility is a great start. Now, you need to create the ideal layout and unit mix for that location. There are several things to take into consideration during this process. Below are a few of the most important and don’t forget, the self-storage construction pros at EMAX can assist you with every phase of your design and construction process.


Basically, think about your competition. Are there unit sizes that never seem to be available? Do your competitors offer discounts on specific sizes? These are clues to which sizes are most popular and which are hardest to rent. Also consider the demographics of the area. Homeowners are less likely to need storage space on a frequent basis, but they’re also more likely to purchase boats or other large items and need larger rental units for them. Income is also a factor. Higher income areas are more likely to rent climate-controlled units.

Building Size

Typical self-storage building design is done in five-foot increments. Regular structures are easiest to maintain and less expensive to build. Consider access to larger bays and appropriate mix of unit sizes on both the long and short sides of the building.


Your renters will want easy access to their unit. Driveways that go all the around and right up to each unit are ideal. Also be sure to leave space for turning around larger vehicles like trailers and moving trucks. Pay special attention to the location of your office.


Consider visibility from the road and lighting. Both act as a crime-deterrent and provide a feeling of safety to your renters.


Think both long and short term when determining the position of utility wires or pipes. It’s much easier to place these items during the construction phase and cap it off above ground than it is to dig up your parking lot later.

Work with a Professional

Because the market is always changing, finding the right layout for your storage facility can feel like a moving target. Working with a professional who understands the area and your long-term goals can be the key to successfully creating a mix of units that will maximize your space and profits. For your self-storage design and construction needs, EMAX provides the professionals you need. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.