Developing a self-storage facility is a big investment of both money and time. Working with the right general contractor at each phase of the construction and development process is key to long-term success. Screen and work with your contractors to ensure your self-storage facility is built to last. 

Experience Matters 

Self-storage construction is unique in the commercial construction business. A GC who’s great with commercial buildings may not be skilled with self-storage facilities. Storage facilities contain elements that require special knowledge, not found in other commercial projects. Elements such as grading, soil compaction, concrete placement, building materials, paving, etc. are far more critical. Working with a general contractor, like EMAX, who has vast experience with self-storage constructions ensures the unique needs of these buildings are addressed. 

Dig Deep 

And we’re not talking about digging a hole for a foundation. You want to be sure you’re working with a general contractor who has the legal and financial capabilities to handle your self-storage project. Ask for copies of their licensing and insurance binders. Request three financial references, including one bank – and verify them yourself. Finally, ask for customer referrals. Reputable self-storage contractors, like EMAX, will happily provide the names and contact information from other satisfied clients. It’s a red flag if they can’t do that. 

Sign a Contract 

Once you’ve selected the general contractor you want to partner with on your self-storage facility development project, you’ll want to sign a contract. This protects both sides and ensures that the scope of work is clearly defined and understood. Be sure to read all contracts carefully and ask your lawyer to clarify anything you’re unclear about or want to be changed.  

For the most successful self-storage development project, you’ll want to work with the best general contractor in Baytown. EMAX offers extensive experience and the legal and financial capabilities for handling your needs. Contact us today to get started on your self-storage development project.