What’s Your Self Storage Company Culture?

December 15, 2017Customer Service

EMAX will build you an amazing self-storage facility, but running it and dealing with day-to-day operations is up to you. One of the biggest factors in determining the success of your facility is company culture. The right culture encourages creativity and promotes success for your business and employees. Creating such a culture is an on-going … Read More

Choosing a Self Storage General Contractor in Baytown

November 15, 2017Customer Service

Developing a self-storage facility is a big investment of both money and time. Working with the right general contractor at each phase of the construction and development process is key to long-term success. Screen and work with your contractors to ensure your self-storage facility is built to last.  Experience Matters  Self-storage construction is unique in the commercial … Read More

Impress Your Self-Storage Renters

October 30, 2017Customer Service

Once EMAX has built an amazing self-storage facility for you, your job switches to finding renters and keeping them happy so they’ll recommend you to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool so continuing to impress and delight your tenants is critical. While safety, lighting, and amenities are of … Read More