Storage facilities have always been a popular place for homeowners and apartment dwellers to store overflow furniture and boxes of sentimental items. In today’s “on the move” society, storage units are becoming even more popular as a short- or long-term place to store items while transitioning from one home to another. As more people are moving to Texas, they need a place to store their home décor while seeking a permanent home in their new state.
Consumers shopping for storage units are looking for security features and climate control, among other options. Storage facility owners seeking to attract new clients need to keep this mind. If you’re thinking about owning a storage facility (or several) as a career, the location and other options are important when buying or building a storage facility.

Building a storage facilityOptions for Building a Storage Facility

One option our clients seem to like is an onsite office and apartment for the storage facility manager. Having an onsite office makes it simpler to sign on new clients and manage the paperwork and other business aspects of the business.

The onsite apartment is popular with people building storage facilities for several reasons. First, having the manager living onsite offers security for people storing their valuable belongings. Second, it’s a great perk to offer an employee. It makes your storage facility popular with both facility managers and renters.

We’re in the process of building a secure storage facility for a client that includes an onsite office and apartment. The 100,000 sq. ft. storage facility will provide comfortable living quarters for the onsite facility manager and comfortable office space for storage unit renters. In addition, there will be storage units in varying sizes to accommodate storage needs from a studio apartment to a mansion being downsized.

As with all our projects, we take pride in working with this client from the start of the project through the entire building process. Contact us to talk about how we can help you build or adapt your storage facility to be safe and secure.