The Baytown area has many self-storage facilities. Maybe you own one or more of them and you want to make them more efficient, easier to run or provide space for an onsite employee. Adding and office space to your existing self-storage facility is a great way to meet all of these needs. And it’s less difficult than you think.


If your self-storage facility has plumbing or electricity already coming to it, we’ll work with the utility companies to disconnect and reconnect the services as needed – just like we did on our project at 1549 Westheimer. If your existing self-storage facility doesn’t have any utilities running to it, we can work with the utility companies and the city to get them to you.

Existing Self-Storage Renters

Depending on where you’re looking to add your office space, you may need to displace some of your renters. We suggest you ease this inconvenience to them by offering them a deal of some kind. You’ll need to contact those specific renters and ask them to move their items to another unit.

Add-on Location

The office space you’re adding to your storage facility should be easily accessible to unit renters. This may mean you also need to add additional parking space or other driveway features. Working with an architect, civil engineer or another expert can help you decide the best location and solution for your office space add-on.

Other Situations

Every self-storage facility and location is different. Some have unique challenges, like the cell tower at 1549 Westheimer. We work with you and the necessary governing bodies to resolve the challenges and bring your office space add-on to completion.

The earlier we get involved with your self-storage office space addition, the more we’re able to help you. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn how EMAX can help.