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Maintaining your Self Storage Facility to Keep it at its Best

When you work with EMAX, you’re getting a storage facility that’s built to last. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore routine maintenance. You’ve invested a lot to build a top-quality self-storage facility and, with EMAX’s help, you’ve created a self-storage facility...

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Where Do Storage Units Make Sense?

From the city to the country and everywhere in between, storage units have the potential to be an important part of the lives of people who live there. Depending on the type of area, there are different reasons storage units make sense. What’s clear, no matter what...

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Reasons to Start a Storage Facility Business

Self-storage facilities are popping up all over Baytown. As you drive around the area, you may be wondering about getting into the storage facility business yourself. There are actually many positive reasons to start a self-storage facility business. Second Income...

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Who Uses Storage Facilities & How to Market to Them

Part of planning your self-storage facility project is thinking about who you’ll be marketing it to. That means figuring out who’s using self-storage facilities. In the Baytown area, several groups of people use storage facilities and how you build and market your...

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Adding an Office to Your Existing Self-Storage Facility

The Baytown area has many self-storage facilities. Maybe you own one or more of them and you want to make them more efficient, easier to run or provide space for an onsite employee. Adding and office space to your existing self-storage facility is a great way to meet...

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How Self-Storage Units are Built

Self-storage units are popping up all over the Baytown area. It seems like they’re growing like weeds, but there’s actually a process involved to ensure self-storage units are built to last. Each one has different needs and different amenities built into it, but the...

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Make Your Self-Storage Stand Out with Unique Offerings

Traditionally, self-storage has been thought of as a large, empty space where renters can securely store furniture and boxed items. In recent years, however, self-storage has taken on a more luxurious tone. While those traditional storage units still exist and will...

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Building a Storage Facility

Storage facilities have always been a popular place for homeowners and apartment dwellers to store overflow furniture and boxes of sentimental items. In today’s “on the move” society, storage units are becoming even more popular as a short- or long-term place to store...

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Why Everyone is Moving to Texas

In 2016, more people moved to the Lone Star State than anywhere else in the country. According to the most recent census, more than 400,000 new people made Texas their home between July 2105 and July 2016. This bodes well for both commercial and residential...

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